Successful Recovery of 1 Tonne Dumper Concealed in Van

After another busy week of recoveries for AMI Groups’ finder team we thought we would share a growing trend of how assets are being stolen and concealed, with smaller assets being easily stolen and traded between criminal groups it is evermore important to stay vigilant. One of the increasing ways of plant to be removed from site is utilising high roof vans, giving the thief the extra height to transport a wide variety of dumpers, roller and excavators.

This week AMI’s team helped in the recovery of a 1 Tonne dumper that was stolen from a customers site in Yorkshire over the weekend. AMI immediately established communication with the covertly installed AT5 and liaised with the customer to pinpoint the location of the dumper, requesting frequent GPS positions helped AMI provide an exact address for the asset and this could then be passed on to the customer.

The team located the dumpers GPS position on AMI’s Nexis platform and using the AMI Nexis app, which indicated that the dumper was positioning from inside a high top transit van parked outside a residential property near Leeds.
The police confirmed that the van had been reported stolen and was currently on false number plates, the police later recovered the van and once the original owner attended the police station the van was opened to reveal the stolen dumper neatly positioned inside.

The dumper was successfully retrieved and taken for forensic evidence and the customer was delighted to have their equipment recovered and back out on hire the following week!