Success On The Recovery Front

We here at AMI have had a very successful week with three quick and efficient finds. We started off our week with our tiny battery unit aiding the recovery of a Manitou telehandler a competitors unit was installed to this machine alongside our solution but was removed from the machine during the incidence leaving the recovery down to our AT5 unit. With no surprise our unit ensured our customer got their asset back quick and efficiently from a compound at the rear of a golf course in Uttoxeter. Another success from our AT5 unit includes the Recovery of a Kubota U10 from a notorious site for stolen plant in the Doncaster area.

Our wired in asset management system also aided in the recovery of a Kubota 008 Micro in the Oxford area. All of the above celebrate the success of having an AMI solution installed to your valuable assets allowing for full asset management and the recovery of stolen machinery. The AMI Nexis app and web based platform assists customers whilst on the go enabling full visibility over their assets 24/7 from anywhere in the world.