Streamlined Productivity with the AMI Nexis App Update

The brand-new Nexis app update is now available! This enables customers to rapidly locate and manage plant machinery and vehicles whilst on the go.

The AMI Nexis app, which is accessible from the App Store, is available for use by AMI customers who have an AMI equipment tracking device fitted to plant machinery, vehicles or other assets. Extensively developed by AMI’s internal developers, the app is already being used by the majority of AMI Group customers.

The app now includes updates and support at the touch of a button such as; report a theft, call the office and support requests. The update includes further features mirrored from the Nexis online platform to give the user more capability whilst on the go. By highlighting the battery health within a list and quantity of positions within the last 48 hours the user can identity the status of their unit at a glance.

AMI Group have listened to the feedback of their customers who utilise the app on a daily basis and have incorporated their requirements into the new update. Including a list view, map view and also trip section on the home screen the user can easily navigate their way round the app and access essential information within seconds, this feature replicates the web interface to keep uniformity for the regular user.

AMI Group Operations Director Peter Stockton said: “The app has been updated in accordance to customer feedback and also the engineers within AMI Group who utilise the app day to day. By streamlining the support process AMI customers have access to support within minutes and can report a theft at the touch of a button ensuring all relevant information is relayed to the AMI team to act upon without delay. With the extra features available AMI customers do not need to wait until they are at a computer to update asset information or schedule an immobilisation command – they immediately have vital information at their fingertips from their mobile phone or other mobile device.”

The AMI Nexis app gives organisations control and visibility of their plant or vehicle fleet. Using the app, AMI customers can track equipment using Google mapping and immobilise equipment. The app is intended to be highly user friendly and is available to supplement the company’s AMI Nexis web-based software portal.

AMI Group’s state-of-the-art tracking devices are covertly installed on plant machinery such as excavators, generators and compressors to provide the ultimate in anti-theft protection. Developed using advanced GPS (Global Positioning System), GSM(Global System for Mobile Communications), RF (Radio Frequency) and battery powered technology, customers can logon to the AMI Nexis web-based portal to establish the location of plant equipment in the event of it being stolen. Customers can also use the system as a total fleet management solution to help reduce their fuel costs, reduce their carbon footprint or enhance productivity – and they can even remotely immobilise equipment from their mobile phone.

The company’s tracking devices utilise a private APN system which detects the strongest network signal available and sends its data using the best available network. This ensures optimal coverage and helps to eliminate black spots and loss of coverage. In situations where GPS is unavailable, the device relays GSM cell site positions and the internal RF beacon can be activated to assist in locating stolen assets* (Subject to type of device fitted).