Stop That Vehicle

Its never nice having something of yours stolen, and the same applies with a truck or a van. Imagine waking up in the morning, drawing back the curtains and finding that your van has disappeared. We cant prevent your van or truck from being stolen but what we can do is allow you to find where your vehicle is in the event of its theft. We can do this through 24-hour monitoring which provides notifications of location, allowing effective liaising with the police to ensure that your vehicle is returned promptly removing the likelihood of any damage being caused. Insurance company, Ensure, released a statistic explaining that 2,700 vehicles are stolen on a daily basis across Europe and that around 50% of these will never be recovered. This is a worrying statistic and could be greatly reduced with truck tracking or van tracking systems. Having vehicle tracking brings a number of benefits and will improve the chance of you seeing your vehicle again. The GPS tracking will track your vehicle throughout Europe up to 3 feet which is extremely accurate. With this you can also effectively track your vehicle via the internet, so you can see exactly where it, regardless of the time. Another key feature is immobilisation. This enables you to immobilise the vehicle if it is stationary, which can be triggered though your phone. With more and more burglars emerging as planned thieves and not just opportunists, it is important that you have the relevant tracking so you can get your van back. This is also a problem vans and trucks suffer because many are left with tools or products overnight which could be deemed valuable by a burglar. So, instead of worrying that you never see your vehicle again, or its contents, it is important that you invest in truck tracking in order to better your chances of return the vehicle to you safe and sound.