Our Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems

Calling all vehicle and luxury car lovers! We know how important it is to you, to ensure your vehicles are protected against theft and vandalism. So, our iTrack stolen vehicle tracking system is perfect to protect your much-loved cars from being taken away or damaged.

Our iTrack system comes in 3 different models iTrack, iTrack +, and iTrack Ultimate. All of which come with different specifications depending on the level of protection you are wanting for your vehicle.

iTrack is our standard system and it includes: 

  • Industry approved GPS tracking, 24hr control centre which provides you with alerts and support around the clock.
  • UK and European Roaming SIM, this means the control centre can switch from one network to another if the signal is stronger.
  • Tow alerts, the tracking device is able to detect when your vehicle is being towed and sends you an alert straight away.
  • Power cut alerts, if the tracker is disconnected from the vehicle battery, it will continue operating on its own internal battery.
  • Low power alerts, helps you keep on top of your battery level.
  • MyPhantom, you will have access to the MyPhantom and web portal which gives you important information about your vehicle.
  • Driver recognition or ADR this is a driver tag which identifies a driver, if you vehicle is moved without a tag present, an alert will be immediately triggered.
  • Nationwide fitting, we ensure all our products are fitting properly by offering a nationwide service.

iTrack + is a similar system to the iTrack standard however this has an added extra of:

  • Alarm Interface/Motion Sensor, this allows an iTrack tracking device to connect to your existing supporting alarm system (if you have one).

iTrack Ultimate, our iTrack ultimate is for those who want to go beyond what’s needed or required to protect your high value vehicle! This tracking system offers all of the specifications as our other systems as well as: 

  • Immobilisation, this works in tandem with the driver recognition and stops your vehicle from being started if the driver does not have a driver identification tag. To overcome the times when you allow someone else to drive your vehicle, we provide a Valet Mode feature, where you can temporarily disable the Immobilisation via the MyPhantom app.

So, now you know how you can protect your vehicles with our systems, get in touch with us by calling us on 0161 7570330 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.