Stolen Vehicle Tracking

We can all agree securing our vehicles from any damage or theft is of upmost importance. Our Stolen Vehicle Tracking System here at Phantom can do this. It enables you to track your vehicle to an accurate location within 8 feet.  

So, what can we offer you? 

Our stolen vehicle tracking system is a small box that uses GPS technology and communication software to relay the location of your vehicle. When a vehicle is stolen the tracking system will be enabled and the information will be monitored by staff at the control centre, who will alert and advise vehicle owners as to the whereabouts of their stolen vehicle.  

We have different packages, standard and bespoke that are available here at Phantom, all of which will improve the security of your vehicle. We also provide 24-hour support from our call centre team as part of our stolen vehicle tracking packages. Our team works around the clock to ensure that the minute a vehicle is lost or stolen, the owners are alerted and its whereabouts are tracked. 

If you would like to request more information you can do so here Alternatively, if you would like to speak with a member of our friendly team call us on 0161 7570330.