Phantom's Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Phantom was created in 2002 to provide a secure and reliable tracking systems for caravans, motor homes and car owners. Following continuous success, we expanded our portfolio to offer a comprehensive range of products to further secure and protect your vehicle and motorhome investments. Performing to this standard has fulfilled security needs worldwide for our ever expanding client base.

A Phantom tracking system is a small box that uses the latest GPS technology and communication software to supply you with the location of your vehicle (accurate to within 8 feet). When a personal vehicle is stolen, the tracking system will be instantly enabled and the information will be monitored by staff at our control centre. We will then alert and advise vehicle owners as to the whereabouts of the stolen vehicle. We feel this is vital to have for all vehicle owners as you never know when someone may steal your vehicle. Did you know a vehicle is stolen every 9 minutes in the UK?

A vehicle tracking system needs to provide coverage of a wide area in which a vehicle could be stolen, which is why we both fit and monitor vehicles nationwide. So, whether you're located in Scotland or the south of England you can be confident that your vehicle is fully trackable and is in good hands with Phantom Ltd. 

If you are interested in any of our services, then don’t hesitate to contact through our website or by telephone on 0161 757 0330.