Stolen plant used in brazen ATM robbery attempt

A piece of stolen plant machinery was used in an attempted robbery of an ATM machine in Omagh, Ireland on Sunday.

The attempted robbery took place in the early hours of Sunday morning; fortunately, the brazen thieves were unsuccessful in their attempt to steal the money.

It is believed that the machine was stolen from a building site near to the crime scene.

This latest attempted robbery highlights the benefits of securing high-value, powerful assets with tracking equipment to help prevent this sort of incident.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident. Stolen plant is a growing issue for plant hire firms and construction companies.

Clever criminals are coming up with new and creative ways to steal plant. Once they have stolen the plant they strip the valuable equipment and sell it for parts, export the equipment abroad, or in this case, use the machinery to commit further crimes.

Gary Stockton, Managing Director of leading tracking firm, AMI Group, said: “This is a shocking incident which shows how important it is to keep track of your assets and their security.

“Not only on this occasion did the thieves make away with a valuable asset, they then brazenly tried to use the asset for further crime.

“Our state-of-the-art tracking equipment helps prevent incidents like this. Features like remote immobilisation, GPS positioning and instant alerts would have made committing this alleged crime a lot more difficult for the perpetrators.”

AMI Group currently boasts an industry-leading recovery rate on assets which have covert tracking equipment installed.

The award-winning devices AMI Group use are designed to be covert and durable. Making it almost impossible for even the most experienced criminals to seek them out and remove them.

Alongside the brilliant technology, AMI Group also provide a 24/7 recovery service.

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