Stay On Top Of Your Game With AMIs Asset Service Reminders

AMI NEXIS displays each assets current running hours and updates the customer interface in real time. The servicing manager screen will also notify designated personnel when an asset is approaching a service giving you key visibility & maintenance of your fleet. The servicing manager feature also allows you to set up a range of alerts and schedule reminders regarding a range of maintenance schedules to keep fully manage your assets ensuring full utilisation at all times. Servicing the assets on a 12 weekly schedule was becoming counterproductive and expensive for the business, with unnecessary site visits being conducted to ascertain an assets usage before servicing was being carried out.

Servicing costs have been substantially reduced by 64% across the fleet and customers have now moved away from a scheduled 12 weekly service to an hours based servicing model, customers are now being able to service the fleet more efficiently which saw site visits being reduced drastically. This helps business become a lot more efficient as it saves time and money making sure assets are working as they should and the customer is alerted when problems occur.

In addition to the results outlined above which have been achieved by AMI and the customer; additional benefits were also provided through the AMI Nexis system, these included additional asset security (via the AMI Nexis immobilisation tools), unauthorised usage alerts (for out of hours alerting and alerting when an asset had been off hired), battery disconnection alerts (in the event of battery theft) and many more.