State-of-the-Art Tracking Unit Allows Wireless Monitoring of Temperature and Humidity Levels

Tracking specialist AMI Group has upgraded the company’s VT tracking devices with Bluetooth connectivity, making the units ideal for the management of assets where it is important to track temperature and humidity levels.
AMI’s VT tracking systems are typically used as monitored and reporting solutions for applications in sectors such as food transportation, chemical processing plants, utilities, manufacturing, commercial farming, haulage and shipping.
Peter Stockton, Operations Director of AMI Group said: “Our VT tracking devices now feature integrated Bluetooth technology incorporating wireless and watertight sensors, meaning that our customers can now retrieve temperature and humidity information from Bluetooth sensors without the need of a wired connection. This makes them ideal for wireless monitoring of coolers, freezers, cold storage containers, refrigerated lorry trailers and applications such as monitoring fluid and temperature levels in chemical tanks.
“The devices can potentially help companies save thousands of pounds. For instance, by tracking and monitoring temperature and humidity levels across long journeys, there is no threat of contamination of food and beverage products,” he continued.
AMI’s VT systems are equally suited for use as a GPS fleet management system to allow organisations to have visibility and control over commercial vehicle fleets whether it be to monitor the actual whereabouts of vehicles in real-time, or to help identify incidents of poor driving. With a full reporting suite of information available, users can access GPS positional information, monitor speed, optimise routes, immobilise equipment remotely and set up virtual geofence boundaries. Speeding incidents can be quickly identified and road safety messages effectively communicated. The VT series is enabling organisations across the UK to minimise fleet risks whilst reducing associated insurance costs.