Spring Driving Hazards for HGVs

As we move from winter into spring, this seasonal change brings about a few road hazards of its own. Though we aren't quite into the sunny season of summer yet, HGV drivers need to be extremely cautious of the following risks: 
As the sun tends to be quite low, even in spring, you need to come prepared to battle the glare. Tinted sunglasses are a good option, but before you set off on the road, always make sure they are clean and mark-free to optimise safe driving. It isn't just the spring sun that poses a risk though, as wet weather is still a regular visitor. So be sure to check the weather reports the night before and prepare yourself for wet and windy or clear, blue skies. In the event of the former, remember to keep your distance from other road users and reduce your speed. 
With all the bloom and wildlife, spring is a haven for allergies, and although you might be equipped with the appropriate medication, as an HGV driver, you need to weigh out the risks. Some medications can make you feel drowsy or affect concentration. If you notice any of these symptoms whilst on the road, pull over to help reduce the risk of an accident due to fatigue. Similarly though, depending on the severity of your allergy, constant sneezing and other symptoms can also affect your driving, which is why finding the right medication with the least side effects is a good way to go. If you're unsure, try visiting your doctor for specialist advice. 
Road Users 
Despite an inevitable couple of wet days during spring, the sunny side of this season brings out a variety of road users, which is why it is so important to remain focused and prepared at all times. From motorcyclists to horses on country roads, plan your route beforehand or ask your manager to plan it for you with a fleet tracking system. This way, you can think about the types of roads you will be travelling on and can assess the risks. This is especially important for HGV's as vehicle reaction times are arguably slower, meaning there is less time to act in the event of an accident. Click here for more information on our fleet tracking systems. These are just a few spring driving risks for HGV's. Do you have any more you'd like to add to the list or any tips for fleets across the UK?