In The Spotlight and Coca Cola Lorries

Its not officially the Christmas season until a Coca-Cola lorry pops up around town, or we see the iconic jolly Santa flash up on our television screens. Coca-Cola has established itself as one of the brands to watch out for, especially around Christmastime; and rightly so. With a fascinating history surrounding these trucks, plus their undeniable success in the fizzy drinks market, they really have built a sound reputation. In this Phantom blog post, we will take a brief look at Coca-Cola Lorries in the spotlight, notably their history. 
Where it all began 
The Coca-Cola truck revolution started in 1995 as part of the brands marketing campaign for the winter season. They were originally referred to as Christmas Caravans and from day one, the trucks were laden with bright twinkling lights no need for truck tracking to spot these mighty Lorries! Industrial Light and Magic worked wonders on the lorries, following their success with special effects in both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars. As for the instantly recognisable Santa painted on the back of the lorries, it was designed by artist Haddon Sundblom. Following Coca-Colas success in 1995, the trucks came back to town in 1996, along with Christmas bottle packaging. Perhaps the most impressive development of this ad was in 1998, when the Christmas Caravan advertisement was aired in over 50 countries. During this time, we imagine millions of viewers were waiting excitedly to see what Coca-Cola had in store for the festive season in 98. In 1999, the fourth instalment of the Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan advert was captured in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. The advertisement featured only three trucks; however, clever CGI work created a seemingly infinite fleet. This year, Coca-Colas iconic vehicle will be touring and spreading seasonal cheer to all of its fans. The tour consists of a total of 45 destinations and will run from 28th November until 23rd December. You can find your nearest stop on their website. One last little fact from before we head off; Coca-Cola has  actually played a massive role in influencing the way we see Santa. Before 1931, when Haddon Sundblom shared his heart-warming and friendly portrayal of Santa with the world, this jolly fellow had been subject to many depictions. There had been short Santa, elf-like Santa and even scary Santa! So, we can thank Coca-Cola for the wonderful image of Santa we see today. With its festive blend of glowing red lights, treats for fans and everybodys favourite Santa, you will want to keep an eye out for a Coca-Cola truck near you this Christmas. 
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