5 Signs You Should Invest in Fleet Tracking

Investing in a fleet tracking system for your business is a fundamental decision and it is important to know which signs to look out for to enable you to effectively make this decision. Many businesses that operate a fleet workforce face numerous issues on a daily basis; which can often result in costing you, the business owner, a lot more money than it should.


Problem: Increase in Fuel Costs

Fuel prices today are high enough as it is without having to fork out for unauthorised fuel usage. It’s common knowledge that more often than not, unmonitored staff will attempt to benefit from the use of a vehicle wherever they can. Excessive fuel receipts could be due to a number of factors, such as unauthorised use of resource, reckless driving and speeding, and drivers misspending working hours.

How Fleet Tracking Can Help: Implementing a tracking solution can help you monitor unnecessary idling, speeding and unauthorised fuel usage; resulting in lower fuel costs overall.


Problem: Poor Time Management

There seem to be a lot of hours that are non-accountable for, and assignments that seem to have taken far longer than necessary to complete. But you don’t have any evidence to back up your uncertainties and disputing this with your driver could lead to unwanted conflict.

How Fleet Tracking Can Help: Investing in a fleet tracking system for your business can allow you to view the location, ETA, and whereabouts of your drivers in real-time. This enables you to monitor time efficiency and fuel efficiency according to the driver’s movements; therefore increasing staff productivity levels.


Problem: Vehicle Maintenance Costs

You have noticed an excessive amount being spent on vehicle maintenance, services and general wear and tear. Granted, a business fleet vehicle covers more mileage than most, but if you have an inkling that it shouldn’t be quite as high as it is, chances are, you’re right.

How Fleet Tracking Can Help: Maintaining your vehicle fleet costs both time and money. Investing in a fleet tracking solution can provide you with the information you need about your fleet’s performance and any cases of irresponsible driving. This encourages your workforce to be mindful of their driving performance whilst out on the road; effectively improving your business’ reputation overall.


Problem: Poor Communication / Customer Service Levels

You don’t always know the location of your drivers, their ETA or why their journey took so long. This can lead to poor customer service and complaints against your business; which can be unprofessional and can effectively damage your business’ reputation in the long run.

How Fleet Tracking Can Help: Fleet management technology can ascertain the real-time location of your drivers and record all their routes and movements; allowing you full fleet visibility. This helps you deliver a more precise ETA to your customer, improves driver reliability, and gives you a better record of mileage, employee resource and fuel usage. In addition to this, it also helps deliver accurate records for annual audits.


Problem: High Insurance Costs

Lack of security and driver liability can lead to high insurance costs for your fleet and means you are liable for the behaviour of your drivers.

How Fleet Tracking Can Help: Implementing a fleet tracking system improves the safety of your drivers, along with providing evidence in the event of any accidents or incidents on the road. This can significantly reduce the cost of insurance and accident claim liability whilst improving driver security on the road. Not only this, it also goes a long way into the prevention of vehicle theft.


So, to conclude, it is far more beneficial to invest in a business fleet tracking system to cut down unnecessary costs and issues to your business in the long run.


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