Seasonal Traffic on the Roads

The holidays are coming and for businesses that are transport based, this can mean the next few months are full of traffic jams. With a fully integrated fleet monitoring system, you can make this process much easier to handle, working proactively rather than reacting to situations as they arise.

Whether traffic is made up due to the sheer number of vehicles on the road, the speed at which they are travelling, roadworks or a combination of the above, there are always external factors which can impact your business and service.

Regardless of where the traffic comes from, it goes without saying that it will take longer to get from point A to B compared to when your staff are travelling along empty roads.

How to Deal with Extra Traffic
  • Ensure routes are updated in real-time, in accordance with the latest traffic news to avoid long queues and accidents
  • Schedule routes at less busy times of day
  • Inform your customers that delivery times might be longer than normal or extend your delivery estimates in advance
Utilise Fleet Monitoring
  • Fleet monitoring gives you the control you need to monitor your entire fleet from one place
  • Analyse driver behaviour to ensure that they are driving safely and in a way that does not bring the business into disrepute
  • This information also gives you data on fuel consumption and mileage, giving you the opportunity to be more fuel-efficient and producing accurate expense reports
  • Moreover, it gives you peace of mind that you can track and monitor your entire business from one place making managing a fleet much easier
It is important to stay on top of fleet management during the peak holiday seasons than at any other time of year as there are many external forces that can severely impact your service offering. Without adequate planning, deliveries and journeys running late will leave customers angry and unlikely to use your services again.

That being said, these systems can provide a valuable service for your business all year round. With more data analysis available, you will be able to track trends and re-occurring issues with ease, making planning ahead for the future easier than ever before.

So, regardless of when your busy period may be fleet monitoring is a year-round asset that will benefit your  business in a number of ways. For more information, please contact us today on 0161 476 4050.