Seasonal Safety Tips in Autumn

With more and more motorists joining the roads every day, drivers need to be aware and alert of the dangers of the road, especially when it comes to seasonal changes. In this blog post we will be taking a look at just a few autumnal driving dangers and how you can stay safe on the road this fall. 


 With the kids back at school, it is inevitable that you're going to hit that 8.30am school rush on the roads, not to mention the mad panic of people trying to get to work after. However, the key here is to stay calm; if you join the other road users in trying to get from A to B as quickly as possible, you are increasing the risk of an accident. Also, although it can be very frustrating, try to avoid road rage at all costs. This is extremely distracting and dangerous, not only to you but to other motorists. In addition to traffic on the roads, drivers need to keep a wary eye out for crossing pedestrians and children when approaching the school grounds. So, a top tip for this section would be to stay alert and stay calm, even when faced with stressful circumstances. 

Foggy Conditions

If you notice a gloomy fog settling over your roads, it is always best to be prepared. This means driving with enough room between you and the car in front to ensure that if you do have to brake heavily, you don't go into the back of them. Also, make sure you have your low fog lights on as high intensity headlights can make the problem of reduced vision worse, not only for other drivers, but for you as well. 

Ice and Frost 

Temperatures can fluctuate during fall, again, making being prepared a top priority when it comes to staying safe on the roads. So, it's time to get your ice scrapers out and slow down on the road in order to avoid an accident and ensure adequate stopping distance and time if you do need to brake suddenly. 

Be Wary of Falling Leaves 

Our last autumnal danger is, of course, the leaves. Whilst it's nice to stop and admire nature, on the road is not the best time to do so. Not only can fallen leaves disguise dangerous potholes and other hazards, following a heavy rainfall, these leaves will pose as a risk to drivers too. So, similar to the top tips above, slow down and stay alert. These are just four dangers on the road during this season. Do you have any more tips that you'd like to share? If you'd like to enquire about fleet tracking or one of our other services available here at Phantom, please feel free to get in touch today through our website. Alternatively, take a moment to look through our services to find out more.