Seasonal Precautions For Autumn and Winter

So, you've enjoyed a summer full of trips to the beach, plenty of pennies spent in the arcades, and, of course, caravan holidays! But as we shift into autumn and winter, for many, it's time to pack away our expenses, ready for next year. Whilst you may already have some form of security in place, knowing the exact whereabouts of your investments can provide peace of mind around the clock, not to mention increase your chances of recovery in the event of theft. 
 So, how can we be sure that our investments will stay safe from now until next summer? Well, tracking system, suitable for domestic caravan protection, is ideal for homeowners that are conscious about keeping their property safe and sound, all year round. Our tracking system comes as a small box that is easily installed in your caravan. However, when one of our expert fitters installs it for you, they will make sure it is in a concealed location. 
So, if your property is stolen, the thief isn't aware that their movement is being tracked. The information recorded by this domestic tracking system is then relayed to our friendly team at our 24-hour control centre. If a theft is suspected, our team are alerted immediately and will get in touch with you, so you can confirm whether your investment has been stolen or if it is a false alarm. 
 With an average recovery time of roughly 70 minutes and an advanced system that will monitor and flag any suspicious activity, Phantom's tracking systems are just what you need for your caravan when the cold months strike. But don't think that the system is only ideal when you're not using your caravan, as they are just as essential during the summer, to keep your mind at ease and property safe. Get in touch today to find out more or browse our website to see what other services we offer.