Is Your Satnav Driving You Round The Bend

At first, satnavs were praised for their ability to take drivers away from heavily populated roads and find overlooked shortcuts but it seems that the latest advances in this technology are literally sending people round the bend. According to the lorry lawyer, 22% of all drivers have actually admitted to the fact that they have become distracted at least once by their satnav. Also, the lorry lawyer reports that a study revealed that drivers who listen to a multitude of instructions including those provided by satnavs suffer a significant decrease in their driving ability. The report says, what is interesting is that people were able to follow one simple instruction without any significant impact on their driving. But as soon as they had to remember a compound instruction, consisting of two sequential directions, we began to notice a difference in their driving ability. The media has also highlighted examples of cars being driven into rivers or into fields at the satnavs instruction, but in the eyes of the Network Rail, motorists are to blame for relying too much on these devices especially HGV drivers; who have received much scrutiny over damaged caused to overhead infrastructure including low bridges and railway substructure. A Network Railway spokesman said, Satnavs are a great tool but they are just a tool and not an alternative for keeping your wits about you and obeying the road. In 2013, Network Rail were in discussions with several manufacturers of these devices and were considering a project that involved mapping level crossings and low bridges so that HGV drivers are aware of the coming danger. Sadly, satnavs aren't always reliable and you can find yourself halfway across the country if you're not careful. Alternatively, if you believe your company wouldn't benefit from having a satnav, a fleet tracking system can be the solution for you. Unlike satnavs, these systems can be programmed by the manager of the fleet before their trip and as an added bonus, managers can monitor employee progress along with speed and driving patterns. This way, you can help to keep your employees safe on their journey. It can even assist in improving consumer satisfaction by allowing managers to let their clients know if their delivery will be late ahead of time based on the statistics provided by the system. If you're considering investing in a fleet tracking system and would like a bit more information on how it can benefit you and your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team. We would be happy to help in any way that we can and we look forward to your call.