SANY Excavator recovered by AMI customer after manufacturers telematics bypassed

A longstanding customer of AMI Group reported the theft of a SANY Excavator at 8.15 on Monday morning. The excavator was stolen from West Hordon, Brentwood overnight. Shortly after arriving on-site the customer noticed the asset wasn’t where it was previously therefore rang AMI to report the machine theft. After speaking with the finder team, the customer was advised to go to the area given in the latest GPS (pin-point) position.

The AT battery-operated unit is scheduled to report 4 times a day due to the individual customer requirements. The GPS position received at 6am was the position used to recover the machine. The customer went to the area and recovered the machine hidden on a field in Stanford-le-hope, Thurrock.

The SANY telematics system was bypassed and thanks to the technology and covertly hidden AT unit the machine was recovered and back on-site within hours.

The AT4 nicknamed ‘The Rock’ is a small battery-powered device encapsulated in resin for ultimate protection. Making it ideal for construction and machinery equipment or any assets exposed to the elements, once installed customers have access to the AMI Nexis web-based interface, iOS, and Android app allowing complete control and visibility of equipment.