Rise of Great British ‘Staycation’ due to COVID19 makes Caravans and Motorhomes more at Risk of Theft Than Ever Before

AMI Group is urging caravan and motorhome owners to enhance security this summer following a sale boom, as more people choose to staycation in the UK rather than jet off on foreign holidays due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Concerning figures reveal many owners of caravans and motorhomes are not securing them adequately from thieves, a recent study showed just 13% of motorhomes and 6% of campervans have trackers installed.

Caravans and motorhomes are more susceptible to theft in the summer months, whether they are parked on home driveways or parked on site. With the rise of the great British ‘staycation’ it is more important than ever for caravan and motorhome owners to remain vigilant and take proper measures to prevent thieves from taking advantage. Having a tracking unit fitted could make the difference between an owner’s valuable caravan being taken and never seen again, to it being found and returned to its owner within hours of it being reported as stolen.

Stolen caravans and motorhomes often ‘disappear’ into an illicit network of buyers and sellers, ending up for sale in classified adverts and online. When a caravan is found by the Police, some thieves may have made efforts to remove identifying marks. Historically most thefts occur from home or commercial storage sites, but thefts can also occur from caravan sites, dealerships, repairers, car parks or lay-bys.

AMI Group offers a number of tracking devices ideal for protecting caravans and motorhomes against theft, such as the AT5 – a self-contained, battery-operated tracking device that utilises state-of-the-art GPS, GSM and digitally encoded RF technology,  Due to its wake/sleep cycle and other technologies used within the unit it defeats the thieves efforts to jam/ block signals from the unit ensuring a position is available in the event of a theft. Tiny in size, it is covertly hidden with no aerials or antennas, so criminals don’t even realise it’s there. Even when stolen caravans are hidden in garages or shipping containers, AMI’s technology can be used to successfully recover them.


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