Rich Brits 'splash' it out on supercars

The 'you only live once' culture and the – then – strong advance of crypto coins prompted a large number of wealthy Britons to buy a supercar last year. Ferrari still has the largest market share, but Lamborghini was by far the strongest grower.

Accounting firm UHY Hacker Young reports this, which regularly conducts investigations into the situation on the British car market. The number of supercars with a British license plate increased by almost 3,000 last year to 18,186, a growth of 19 percent. On average, these now cost 912,000 euros. Ferrari is responsible for 11,954 of these, a share of 65 percent. The number of Lamborghinis increased by a record 59 percent to 2,419. British McLaren now has 2,367 cars on the British road, 13 percent more than in 2020, which UHY says can be attributed in part to the success of the Formula 1 team. There are also 16 Bugattis and five Koenigsegg supercars registered in Great Britain.

The vast majority of supercars belong in the wealthy areas of London such as Mayfair, Belgravia and Kensington. In addition, quite a few can be found in expensive rural villages around Birmingham and Liverpool, which are home to some of the highest-paid British footballers.

"A large number of wealthy Brits were happy to spend the money they could not spend before during the difficult corona lockdowns on a very expensive car. You can drive around with it very recognizable. The huge mountains of money that the government and central banks have injected into the economy have inadvertently supported supercar sales with, for example, rapidly becoming wealthy cryptocurrency millionaires and very low financing costs," said partner David Kendrick.

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