Replace Your Tax Disc with Something a Lil More Tech-Savvy

So, with the new legislation that was rolled out in October 2014, that tax discs can now be removed from windscreens (bearing in mind this is a whopping 93 years later!). A lot of today's public have become quite sceptical of this unexpected change.


The reason for this big regulation change is due to tax discs no longer being required, owing to the support of electronic checks today. In a recent survey, according to the AA, a huge number of drivers stated that they preferred the physical tax disc operation as it enabled them to remember when their tax duty was due, amongst other people; who found it strange without a disc on their windscreen. It is mainly the younger generation today who have embraced this change. This could be down to the fact that todays generation is completely digital driven, what with all the new mobile sites, apps, phones, media and gadgets etc its hardly surprising that they are in favour of the change and have adopted it effortlessly.


But could the generation of today be a lot more intelligent than before? There is so much already achieved and yet to be accomplished in the world of technology that it is almost surreal.


For example, take a look through the products here at Phantom; bespoke customised products to suit your own needs or the requirements of your business. We are now also using software integration to adapt a system that is unique to you and your business, in order to help you keep track of many different factors. Things such as; vehicle sensors, cameras, in-car technology, fleet tracking, in-car tracking systems, even truck and van tracking and so much more.


Stay safe and ensure you are doing all you can to protect and ensure the efficiency of your business and personal life. Call the friendly team here at Phantom today, and let us help you figure out what you need.