Rapid Return of Stolen Wacker Plate Thanks to Battery Operated Tracking Device

The suitability of AMI Group’s anti-theft tracking devices for the protection of both smaller and large plant equipment has been demonstrated by one of the company’s latest recoveries where a Wacker compactor plate was successfully recovered within a few hours of being reported as stolen.
The Wacker plate is owned by AMI’s customer, a civil engineering and groundworks contractor, and fortunately it was fitted with the AT5, a self-contained, wireless, battery operated tracking device which is just 54 x 65 x 37mm in size. The AT5 has a battery life of up to 20 years and it utilises highly sensitive assisted GPS (Global Positioning System) positioning accurate to within 1 metre with pinpoint street level mapping.
Once AMI’s customer realised that the equipment had been stolen from their depot in Worcestershire, they contacted AMI Group who immediately placed the AT5 unit into a 15 minute wake-sleep cycle mode, meaning that it would report its position every 15 minutes before returning to sleep so that it would remain undetectable. Once a crime reference number had been obtained, AMI’s finder team were dispatched to the last known location and the RF (Radio Frequency) beacon was enabled on the AT5 to aid the recovery of the stolen equipment.
AMI’s finder team arrived on-site at 3pm and the exact location of the stolen Wacker plate was identified within minutes. Using a RF wand, AMI’s finder team pinpointed the machine to the back garden of a property on a new housing development and the Wacker plate was successfully recovered and returned to AMI’s customer.
The contractor concerned has over 50 items of equipment protected with the AT5 tracking device and said: “The technologies of the AT5 unit have never let us down. We have received a 100% recovery rate with AMI Group and their fast response time always exceeds our expectations.”
The AT5 utilises state-of-the-art GPS, GSM and RF technology and it has helped AMI customers across the length and breadth of the UK track down and recover stolen equipment. It provides a ‘fit and forget’ solution and can be transferred from machine to machine with ease within minutes. Once the AT5 is fitted, AMI customers can log on to the AMI Nexis web-based portal to establish the exact destination of assets.