A quick guide to tracking systems

A quick guide to tracking systems 
With the cost of an average caravan or motorhome in excess of 20,000 pounds it makes sense to do everything possible to protect such a significant investment. Whilst wheel locks and alarms do provide some deterrent, the fact is that a determined thief will only be slowed up by such protection. The best way of protecting your vehicle is by fitting a tracker. 
What is a tracker? 
 A tracker is a small box that is fitted into your caravan or motorhome in a hidden place. A thief will not know it is fitted and even if they did would not have the time to search for and disable it during a theft. 
What does it do? 
 Once powered-up, by using your vehicles battery, the device is able to pinpoint your vehicles location, accurate to within about 8 feet and relay that information back to a 24-hour control centre.
What happens when a theft occurs? 
This tracker will send the call centre an alert when a theft is actually in progress. The tracker can be connected into your already existing alarm system so that when the siren sounds it simultaneously sends the alert. If not, it will be activated by a motion sensor and the alert sent then. Once the alert has been received, the owners will be contacted by telephone to make them aware of the situation. At this point they can confirm whether it is an actual theft or a false alarm. Then the police will be contacted and kept up to date with the position of the vehicle so they can recover it. 
How do I get one fitted? 
Phantom already protects over £500,000,000 worth of assets with over 18,000 customers and has been personally responsible in the recovery of over £10,000,000 worth of vehicles. Our average recovery time is around 70 minutes, which means in most cases the thief will not have damaged or even used your vehicle. To find out more, contact us now.