Quick and Easy Route to Profit in 2016

For many businesses, the post-Christmas lull can mean fewer customers, reduced hours for staff and ultimately, less profits than you would like. Whilst you can always budget around these quiet spells, wouldn't it be better to be responsive and pro-active with the changes and fluctuations in the market, than let opportunities pass you by because you did not expect them? One of the best ways to manage your workforce on the road is with a fleet monitoring system.

If your business and industry relies heavily on transport and travel, then chances are you already have some form of system in place to help keep organised. Perhaps you have a time-log system with drivers logging their whereabouts and times remotely, or perhaps you assign duties on the day and leave your staff to ensure the job is done. If this sounds like your company, then read on for a business fleet tracking system that could revolutionise your business.

Are they necessary?

While some dislike the reliance on technology, it can open up a world of opportunity for your business. In fact, fleet monitoring systems have become very important and instrumental in the efficiency of many businesses both small and large.

What do they do?

The benefits are numerous:

l You can combine all admin and housekeeping in one place, making management of your fleet much easier hours and routes can be logged, alongside mileage and expenses

l Real time monitoring of your fleet allows for an optimised service, you can pick and choose which drivers to attend based on their location, saving time and fuel

l Helps locate vehicles 24/7 should they be stolen. Quick reaction times allows for a higher rate of recovery

l Businesses with fleet monitoring systems benefit from lower insurance premiums

l You can monitor your drivers in real time, including their speed, how they drive and any traffic they might encounter, allowing for better informed customers and a tighter rein on fuel costs

l Helps keep drivers safe, as there is a record of their movements should any accidents occur

Additional Benefits

The fleet tracking system available from Phantom allows you to remotely immobilise vehicles should they be stolen, as well as giving you the necessary data and tools to analyse and track it to optimise efficiency in your fleet.

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