Protecting Your Fleet

For many businesses, where work involves a lot of transport, you will, of course, be aware of all the different methods you can utilise to protect your company, your staff and your fleet. For instance,  dash cams, radios and tracking devices are all popular techniques for ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.


Dash Cams

You may be in two minds as to the usefulness or in car CCTV, or  dash cams but with gang-related crime including fraud on the rise, is this risk one you are willing to take?


More and more occurrences of organised crime targeting businesses and motorists with newer vehicles in a flash for cash and crash for cash scams. Fraudsters will not only slam on their brakes for no reason resulting in the innocent party crashing into them, but they have also now started flashing their lights for the right of way before driving straight into you. This can cost businesses thousands of pounds as fabricated tales of personal injury go through to insurance companies, before moving on to billing for replacement cars and repairs.


An  in  car CCTV system  can be hugely impactful when contesting such scams, video evidence is often irrefutable in court. As well as protecting your business from scammers, dash cams add extra peace of mind when it comes to driver safety while working, and protecting drivers from abuse.



Tracking your fleet of drivers is a great way to manage your staff and vehicles, but it also allows you to spot when something is wrong, or if a driver has broken down. With colder weather setting in, ensuring the safety of your staff will be high priority and  fleet tracking  is just a small part of this.


Make sure your drivers are all confident in driving in bad weather and are equipped for all eventualities. Prep their vehicles and provide them with blankets, flasks and tools for getting out of sticky situations ntorch, chargers, shovel and ice scrapers. It goes without saying that antifreeze, engine oil and radiator water levels should be closely monitored.



The oldest method of communication and still one of the most reliable the two-way radio is still commonly used by businesses as a means of staying in touch. Radios keep your staff safe by giving them a fast and convenient method of reporting a situation that is occurring in real time. This is a deterrent for any would-be crooks as they are not truly alone with their intended victim; this is especially prevalent in hindering cases of harassment.


So, if you want to keep your staff and business safe, it is always worth investing in some technology that is proven to do just that.  Contact Phantom  for any enquiries and have a browse on our full range of tracking systems and  best  dash cams.