Protecting your vehicles with fleet tracking

As a fleet owner, you want to ensure that the company runs smoothly and efficiently while making sure that your vehicles are protected and safe; however, with summer coming, this season tends to be one of the busiest for businesses all around the country, putting added stress on you as the employer. Below we have compiled a few reasons why fleet tracking can help to protect your fleet and ensure the safety for your drivers. Recognising the risks Before you implement any new systems or strategies, it's important to identify the risks. This way, you can involve your employees a bit more and help them to also understand the risks that come with owning a fleet and being responsible for their vehicle. A few of the risks you might want to evaluate include:
  • Accidents on the road
  • The possibility of theft and vandalism
  • Customer retention and satisfaction
  • Loss of business or funds due to reckless and inappropriate behaviour
So, as you can see, the risks associated with owning a fleet aren't just down to other motorists or peoples actions; drivers can put the company at as much risk as others if they behave in an unsuitable manner. 
Fleet tracking is one of the main ways to help maximise the protection of your fleet. Not only can it provide you with peace of mind as you can monitor and document driver behaviour in terms of speed, breaks and route, it also means that you can take control of the situation, provide your drivers with advice and even plan their route. They also come fairly cheap making them ideal for small and big companies alike and the systems can help you save money in terms of costly repairs as many monitor vehicle performance and may indicate a problem before it strikes. In addition, fleet tracking systems can be used to improve driver performance as you can ensure they are driving within the legal requirements. This can also help to avoid fatal accidents. Lastly, fleet tracking systems can actually protect drivers in the event of a false claim. Often, it is the drivers word against the motorists and while a fleet owner is inclined to believe a trustworthy driver, its better to be safe than sorry and these systems can make it easier to distinguish false claims and save drivers the legal hassle. If you're interested in installing a fleet tracking system into your vehicles and would like to enquire or you'd like to know a little bit more about how they can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team today. We would be happy to assist in any way that we can and look forward to hearing from you!