Protect Your Taxi Fleet

As the owner of a taxi fleet, you will, of course, not only want to keep your drivers safe during every journey but also your business in the event of an accident or verbal/physical abuse from passengers. You see, it's important to cover your assets, as well as ensure your drivers feel comfortable and safe, and Phantom's Taxi Car Cameras are an ideal solution to both of these issues. 

Our systems are designed to provide peace of mind to those who may be anxious getting behind the wheel following an incident or just in general. Our cameras are council approved too and will capture all footage, so if your drivers are involved in a crash scam or suffer assault; the evidence may be used in your defence. 
Aside from the legal benefits, though, what else can our cameras do to help your fleet? Well, they will be installed and tucked away discreetly, and our systems tamper-proof promise means you needn't worry about the cameras quality or ability to capture footage. Plus, footage can be downloaded in a number of formats to suit your purpose; whether that is as a snapshot or incidental report, as well as picking up audio for additional security. This is beneficial, not just from a legal stance, but for company records as well.
Integrated with panic mode and audio recording, on top of the opportunity to install more than one camera for optimal coverage, choose Phantom's Taxi Car Camera system. This way, your drivers can feel confident behind the wheel, and you can protect your investments of the business you've built from the ground up. 
For more, please contact us through our website or read more about other services we offer, you can browse our information pages. We look forward to hearing from you.