Most popular way to keep your caravan safe revealed

GPS tracking system Phantom comes out on top in the UK for keeping your caravan safe 
 Keep bandits away with the Phantom. You're thinking of two kinds of Phantom, aren't you? One's a superhero and the other one is the best GPS tracking system in the UK, according to a survey by Shield Total Insurance. They're both guaranteed to keep you safe though if the results of a nationwide survey are anything to go by.
 A recent survey carried out by Shield Insurance showed that among all the security measures for caravans used in the UK, GPS tracking units are by far the most popular. The most popular device was of course the Phantom ProActive iii Tracking System which now supplies nearly 20,000 customers with safer caravanning experiences. Phantom has been making security devices for over ten years, protecting more than 500 million pounds worth of customer assets. ACPO Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service's Tim Booth justified the reason for GPS systems doing better with customers. 
He had this to say: "Non-proactive, after-theft recovery devices are showing a very poor recovery rate, but in contrast, proactive devices continue to return excellent results with both good return times of the asset - prior to any loss of personal effects - and also seeing people detained for being in recent possession of stolen property." What do you protect your caravan with?