Plant Tracking: Combatting The Rise of Machinery Theft in 2023

During the first few months of the pandemic’s ‘shut down’ periods, statistics show that machinery theft increased by 50%, and has been on the rise since. Large plant machinery is often a common target for thieves due to its high financial value. Even smaller goods such as tools and materials are a common target as they’re not easily identifiable and easy to sell. In a survey done by the Chartered Institute of Builders, it was found that 21% of respondents experienced site theft weekly, 63% monthly and 92% yearly.

According to CESAR (the UK’s Official Construction Equipment Security and Registration Scheme), as little as 5% of unregistered plant machinery is ever recovered, meaning the financial impact theft could have on your business could be devastating. 

Plant Machinery

One Solution For Full Peace Of Mind

Our range of Plant Tracking Solutions come with; over 20 years of industry experience, top-quality service, and the best technologies available for plant, construction, and agricultural equipment, so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your high-value assets are protected by industry-leading experts. With our industry-leading recovery rates, you can trust that your machinery is in safe hands with Moving Intelligence.

Keypad Immobilisation

Double/Triple Layer Protection

Our keypad immobiliser provides a robust and secure authentication system to prevent theft and give you full peace of mind over your plant machinery. The immobiliser locks down the equipment until a keypad code is entered to unlock it, which prevents unauthorised usage as it prevents theft. 

This system is operated by the VT202 to provide double protection or Asset+ for Triple Layer protection. 

Keypad Immobilisation


The Unrivalled Hybrid Solution

Our Asset+ unit combines features from a hard-wired asset management system with a separate, covertly installed after-theft device to ensure that not only is your machinery better protected against theft, but also that you can locate it in the unfortunate event of it being stolen and increase the chance of recovering your equipment.

You can rely on Asset+ to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your vehicle at all times. This top-of-the-line after-theft recovery technology has been proven to be effective, as evidenced by our industry-leading recovery rates. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is secure.



Robust Battery Operated Tracking and After Theft Recovery Solution

Our AT4, with its Anti-Scannable Technology, industry-leading battery life and waterproof casing, is a perfect option for your plant machinery.

Also known as ‘The Rock’, this fantastic piece of technology is specially designed for rough and rugged environments and has a strong resin coating to provide the ultimate protection against the outside elements.



2-Wire Self-Installed Tracking Solution

Perfect for fleet management, the VT100 is the ultimate solution for plant tracking.

With set-up only requiring a simple 2-wire installation, you can transfer this tracker from one asset to another in only minutes, and be provided with detailed reports as and when you need them, including live tracking, journey logs and location history.



Hard-Wired Asset Management Solution

As our flagship solution, the VT202 boasts many features that will give you full peace of mind over your machinery.

Including detailed reports, driver identification, wireless temperature sensors, panic buttons and more, the VT202 also has several immobilisation options that can be set up remotely via our web browser or our app.

Our mobile app also allows you to be alerted in real-time if an asset is used outside of your working hours with tailored alerts.

We also boast a 100% recovery rate for plant vehicles with units that have been installed covertly, meaning you can trust us and have full peace of mind that your expensive site machinery is in safe hands.


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