Plant Equipment – Still at Risk!

Following on from the Construction Equipment Association’s sales release earlier this week it is clear to AMI that the targets for theft are still more likely to be smaller plant equipment. Sales of mini and midi excavators have risen by 16% on 2016, unfortunately as more are bought there are more to steal and sell on- made easier to sell underhand by the increased demand for the equipment in the strong housing market.

As a result we would urge vigilance when buying equipment advertised online or in a publication, any reputable seller will always have the correct ownership documents upfront- don’t listen to excuses! If you are found to be in keeping of stolen equipment with no proof of purchase you could be prosecuted.

If you are unlucky enough to be the victim of theft we here at AMI Group offer the best after theft recovery unit on the market, the AT5 unit allows plant owners to quickly pinpoint the location of the equipment to the nearest metre thanks to the GPS high sensitivity receiver chip – location can also be received via GSM and R/F frequency, meaning no matter the location it can be tracked down.

In terms of return of investment, putting your faith in a tracking device such as AT5 is a step in the right direction, the Chartered Institute of buildings recent report showed that companies with fewer than 20 employees experience losses of around £5000 a year- and this could be greatly inflated by the theft of just one piece of equipment!