PHANTOM WIN 2014 Caravan Security Device Survey

2014 Caravan Security Device Survey

With around 600 caravans stolen in 2013 in the UK alone, it's no surprise that security devices are high on the priority list for caravan owners. Hitch locks and wheel clamps are now regularly stated as minimum requirements by many insurers for unattended caravans and motorhomes, and many owners are now fitting their prize investment with high-tech security trackers. With this in mind, we surveyed a number of caravan and motorhome enthusiasts in the UK to find out their favourite caravan security device of the last year.

And the winner is... the Phantom ProActive Tracking System

First place went to the Phantom ProActive Tracking System. Phantom Tracking Systems and Accessories have been providing tracking systems for caravans for over a decade and protect over £500 million worth of assets for nearly 20,000 customers. They also offer nationwide fitting services as well as 24-hour customer service.