Phantom Tracking Explained

Here at Phantom, we aim to provide our domestic and business customers with the very best in tracking systems; the most reliable, the most efficient, the highest quality all at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for protection for your caravan, motorhome, or fleet of vehicles, we have an option to suit you at Phantom Tracking.


Our tracking services are comprehensive and cover a broad range of issues that are important to you, as a driver, caravan lover or business manager. We utilise GPS satellites to accurately pinpoint your vehicle or vehicles in real time and can track driver behaviour and mileage, too.


We tailor our tracking packages to suit your needs, and can even include remote immobilisation to ensure that your vehicle wont be going anywhere fast should it need to be locked down.


Phantom Tracking for Fleets


If you're looking for complete control over your business fleet, then Phantom Tracking is ideal. It is flexible and tailored directly to your needs. Not only does it ensure your company cars and vans are used for their intended purpose, but it tracks routes, distances and time spent driving which makes expenses a lot easier. This valuable information can be used to aid vehicle management and efficiency, as well as cost control.


All records are monitored in your head office or HQ. Mileage claims are not based on guesswork or chance but are entirely accurate based on journey distance and time. In addition to this, you can ensure that your fleet drivers are leaving on time, not driving irresponsibly and re-route easily, too.


Due to the nature of automated expense reports, with staff able to log journeys as business or personal, as well as saving journeys for future reports; you are less likely to be hit with an unexpected tax bill, thanks to the up to date Duty of Care documents and data.


Phantom tracking is available to install yourself, or you can make use of our team to experts to ensure that everything is running smoothly. You will soon be on the road to fleet efficiency, lower fuel costs and complete control over your business, wherever your staff may be!


For more information, or to enquire about our incredible Phantom Tracking service, please use this form, or call us on 0161 476 4050.