Phantom’s Fleet Tracking

Our Phantom fleet tracking management system uses state of the art, globally approved, specified GPS, and GSM to pinpoint your assets in almost real-time, with an accuracy of a couple of meters. It is perfect to find your employee’s current location via the App or the Web Portal.

Unlike other businesses who are our competitors, our vehicle tracking systems use proactive tracking breadcrumbs – whereas some companies choose for example 2-minute updates, the Phantom system updates come through on an average of every 20 to 30 seconds for most companies. Intelligent updates like these are triggered by such things as, the Ignition being switch on or off, a change in speed or direction as well as time and distance.

The data collected from the tracking system is stored from the moment the tracking device is installed and is available to view in various reports, graphs, and exports. All of this data can be examined to find which driver gets the best driver behaviour score, the mileage the fleet has done or to simply replay a journey or series of journeys on the map.

If you are in need for fleet vehicle tracking or have any questions about this system or any of our other products, contact us on 0161 7570330 or fill out our enquiry form. A member of our team will be more than happy to help.