Making You King of the Road

In 1974 the Queen of Country, Dolly Parton was approached by Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll; he wanted to record her chart topping hit I Will Always Love You. Dolly was delighted until it transpired that in order to have the King record her song she would have to sign 50% of the publishing rights over to him in a move that shocked the song writing community, she politely declined the offer and continued to work on building her empire. Dollys subsequent success was a result of her sensible approach to controlling and protecting her assets.

As a business owner, you can benefit from taking a leaf out of Ms Partons book by making any changes needed to improve and ensure the efficiency and security of your business. Phantoms fleet tracking systems allow you to do just that by enabling you to monitor your fleet and workforce remotely. With a range of innovative features, the tracking system helps to streamline cost, labour and data administration. As your confidence in Phantom grows you can also consider trying out additional state-of-the-art products they offer (e.g. ECU remapping) and if any queries or problems should arise then you can make the most of Phantoms commitment to good customer service.

So how can Phantoms fleet tracking system help you?

  • Efficiency: By monitoring routes, energy/fuel consumption and personnel activity you can plan and encourage efficient driving which will be both economically and environmentally friendly

  • Development: Logistics are crucial to fleet based business and by using technology to gather and analyse real-time data you can identify patterns or issues and monitor progress once necessary changes are implemented

  • Security: Phantoms tracking system has a particularly reassuring feature which aids the insurance companies and the authorities whilst providing you peace of mind. In the event of a vehicle theft, the system will send you an automatic notification as it tracks the stolen vehicle and alerts the authorities


So just like Dolly did whatever it took to protect her business assets, so should you. You put your time and energy into your business and you deserve to know that your investment is protected. So if you want to be King of the Road and be in safe hands, why not consider Phantoms tracking systems?