Phantom GPS Tracker and Keeping Caravans Safe

Imagine how distressing it would be to find out that your caravan has been stolen. While newer models come with enhanced features that offer an increased level of safety and security for the caravan, despite all of the precautions, they still remain susceptible to theft, until now. The Phantom GPS tracker has changed the playing field massively. The whole idea of having a caravan is to have a home-on-the-go for short trips and even long ones for vacations and holidays. They are easily detachable, making it that much more convenient for caravan owners to visit new places without having to carry the heavy caravan around all of the time. However, this is often the time when caravan thefts occur. Thankfully for caravan owners, technology is on their side. 
How the Phantom GPS Tracker Works 
The Phantom GPS Tracker is an innovative tool that is cleverly installed in a caravan and will activate silently when it detects unauthorised use. What makes this tracker so different is its exceedingly quick response time. Realising the fact that a successful theft only takes minutes to occur, the Phantom tracker activates within seconds and immediately starts taking the necessary steps to ensure a successful recovery. It will inform the owner as well as the command centre immediately and begin aerial surveillance. 
 99% recovery rate within 70 minutes 
With so many tracking systems out there, its hard to tell which one would be more suited to your needs however; the quick response time is usually the game changer. Because of this, Phantom trackers have an outstanding 99% successful recovery rate within 70 minutes. The state of the art GPS system accurately pinpoints the target within 8 feet, assisting the relevant authorities in vehicle recovery. 
 Complete coverage all over the UK and Europe
For any tracker to be successful, it needs to have a large coverage area. Phantom trackers enjoy an immensely large coverage area that covers all of Europe and the United Kingdom, so caravan owners can go virtually anywhere in these regions with a sense of comfort that their vehicle or caravan will be promptly looked after and safe from harm. Having that sense of relief makes the holiday vacation that much more enjoyable. With such powerful technology available at your disposal, there is no reason why anyone shouldn't opt for security. For more information on how you can secure your vehicle or caravan, please take a moment to browse the rest of our site. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our friendly customer service team for more details on how to secure your investment. We look forward to hearing from you!