Our Tracking Systems

At Phantom we offer a range of different tracking systems from Sentinel Motorhome alarm and tracking, Caravan Sentinel, iTrack, Pro3 Caravan tracking, Fleet Tracking and Bike tracking.

Here is a little overview of each one of our tracking systems:

Sentinel Motorhome Alarm & Tracking

This is a combo designed to provide you with the highest levels of security possible for your vehicle. The alarm is the Thatcham Category 1 accredited, and the Tracking system has multiple configuration options.

Caravan Sentinel & Alarm 

This alarm and tracking system has been specifically designed to work perfectly together has an alarm and tracker. It’s complete security coverage gives you the best of both worlds.


This system is an effective, affordable, GPS tracking and security system. This one of our leading products and is designed with you and your vehicle’s security in mind. Our iTrack system is Thatcham accredited and comes in a number of configurations depending on the level of threat you think your vehicle may be under.

Pro3 Caravan Tracking

This system comes with motion detection, a specially designed app and portal, location tracker and helpful alerts.

Fleet Tracking

Our Fleet Tracking system uses state of the art globally approved, specified GPS and GSM to pinpoint your assets in almost real-time with an accuracy of a couple of meters.

Bike Tracking

The Bike Tracking system is waterproof and conveniently hidden on your bike. It features tracking, UK and European Roaming SIM, Power cut alerts, low power alerts and comes with a free nationwide fitting.

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