Our Most Popular Products

Here at Phantom, we offer a range of products from tracking systems, alarms for cars and motorhomes, sat navs and speed detection devices. Although we offer this range, we do have our most popular products, these include:

  • iTrack
  • Sentinel Motorhome
  • Pro 3
  • Vanguard Caravan Alarm
  • Bike Track
  • Vanguard Motorhome Alarm.


This is a vehicle tracking and security system. It uses GPS to track the location of your vehicle and will alert you of any changes and if your vehicle is moved.  This system also includes a driver recognition feature which identifies the driver using driver tags. If your vehicle is moved without a tag present, an alert will be sent to you straight away.

Sentinel Motorhome

This is a combo of both a tracking and an alarm system, designed to provide you with the highest levels of security possible for your motorhome.

Pro 3 

The Pro 3 is a caravan security system. It has been designed specifically to provide the highest level of caravan security. On discovery of a theft, our 24-hour Call Centre will contact you to ensure the safety of your vehicle. If you find that it is missing, we will then liaise with the Police to ensure the prompt recovery of your vehicle.

Vanguard Caravan Alarm 

The Phantom Vanguard alarm has been designed specifically for caravans by our partners at Gemini Technologies. It is simple to operate and provides a comprehensive and reliable security solution.

Bike Track

Bike Track is a waterproof system that is conveniently hidden on your motorbike. If your bike is stolen it can be tracked via the ‘My Phantom’ app. The location of your motor will update each time the ignition is on and every 6 hours if stationary.

Vanguard Motorhome Alarm

The Phantom Vanguard Alarm has been designed specifically for our motorhome customers, to provide a premium level of security with plenty of options.

For more information about our products and services, contact us on 0161 757 0353 or you can complete our enquiry form and a member of our team will get back to you.