Our Battery Operated Unit Boasts Diversity…

AMI’s awarding-winning battery-operated unit is leading the market with its innovative features and its 100% recovery rate on convert installs. With a huge battery capacity of over 19000mAh, the AT5 is capable of protecting your asset for up to 20 years (that’s over 6,000 GPS positions)! Even though the AT5 boasts an industry-leading battery life we have still managed to keep the dimensions tiny, helping our customers to covertly install the unit onto a wide variety of assets.

The AT5 units are enclosed in a high impact enclosure, which makes the AT5 robust and ideal for use in harsh environments. The enclosure is ultrasonically sealed during manufacture to ensure the best possible level of protection.
Each AT5 comes with AMIs own multi roaming SIM ensuring the AT5 unit is always reporting on the strongest available network, providing the best coverage throughout the UK and 27 European countries inclusive.
With palm-sized dimensions, the AT5 can be quickly fitted onto a wide variety of assets, with no need for any additional wiring or antennas the AT5 can be installed on non-powered assets with ease. The installation is also non-intrusive and is perfect for delicate or precious assets such as classic cars or monitoring equipment.
We pride ourselves on the diversity of our unit and its ability to suit all of our different customer’s needs no matter the industry or asset, the AT5’s innovative technology will track trace and protect 24/7. Due to its unique reporting schedule, the AT5 lies dormant meaning it is undetectable to scanners used by thieves to trace down tradition GPS tracking devices. Thanks to this AMI group boats an industry-leading recovery rate and has seen great successes throughout the AT5’s lifetime in regards to after theft technology. The innovative technology within the AT series has enabled AMI group to win many technology and industry awards year on year.