One Tracker, Two Recoveries

With a reported 29% increase year-on-year, motorhome theft has never been more prevalent.

Here at Moving Intelligence, your vehicle's security is our top priority.

We had a recent experience in Cambridgeshire, where one of our iTrack S5 Systems reported unauthorised activity at a customer's home... Their Rollerteam T90 was moved from their drive.

Thankfully, our hidden tracking system and 24/7 on-call recovery team sprung into immediate action. Once the customer had their crime number, we set about contacting the local rural crime team, who rushed to the scene to give us a hand.

Not only did we manage to find and retrieve our customer's stolen Rollerteam T90, we also recovered a stolen Bailey 16-4T from the same site.

The average cost of a motorhome in the UK is over £50,000, but just 13% of motorhomes have trackers installed.

Thanks to our iTrack device, we were able to swiftly locate and recover not one, but two motorhomes. Whether you prefer affordability or ultimate protection, we have the right security for you.

two stolen and found motorhomes