Nexis App still going strong!

Thanks to the release of our App early last year customers can stay in control of all their assets on the go via all iOS and Android devices. We specialises in Asset Management and After Theft Tracking solutions. The data collected by our units’ is fully visible on the Nexis portal via any web enabled device.

An easy to navigate platform; the Nexis App provides AMI clients with an overview of their assets at a glance, in addition to their location, usage and when it last reported via GPS/GSM. The customer can then select and go further into each asset. On this page a map view is available with the ability to set new alerts and Geo-fence; among other features.

Our customers have sung the praises of the App, with AMI receiving excellent feedback regarding reduced admin hours and streamline of productivity. The App has been continuously developed by AMI Groups’ specialised programming team throughout the year to best benefit user’s specific needs through reacting to individual customer requests.

An example of our most recent update is the release of the enhanced list view, this feature allows clients to view a full running list of assets rather than a page by page view. This will soon be updated onto the Google play store for utilisation of Android users; it was first rolled out to the specified App store particular to the initial customers needs.

The App is an effective business management tool for our varied customer base. With multiple tasks to complete throughout the day within their respective companies and industries; it is impossible for our clients to constantly have access to a desktop. This makes the hand held; on the go usability of the App a massive benefit for the Nexis system

AMI Group are constantly working to produce the latest and most advanced software and systems to best benefit our clients. We pride ourselves on our customer service! We’ve developed strong and long lasting relationships of up to 15 years with our clients. Perhaps this is due to the emphasis we place on keeping our clients content with our services and solutions.