What to do after a motorhome or caravan accident

I know it is something that you don't really want to think about, but it is important to be ready for what you need to do, should you be in an accident in the future. The Institute of Advanced Motorists gives some good advice on what you should be prepared for following an accident. The first thing is, if you have the option, find somewhere safe to stop. Then, if it is appropriate, turn your engine off and put your hazard warning lights on. Now, take a few minutes to gather your thoughts and check to see if everyone in your vehicle is OK. After that you can think about exchanging insurance details with any other drivers involved.

Exchanging details

In the heat of the moment it might be easy to forget doing this or the other vehicle may have driven off without stopping. But, if you don't exchange details it at the time, you have to report the accident to the police within 24 hours. Give your name, address and registration number and make sure you get these details from the other driver. If you are not the owner of the vehicle you are driving you will need to give their details as well. If anyone is injured, make sure you exchange insurance details. If applicable make sure you get any photographs of the accident that might be useful and also any witness contact details. It is also important to make a note of how many people are in the other involved vehicle(s). This may seem odd, but there are a large number of insurance fraudsters about who after deliberately causing an accident (although making it look like it was the other party's fault) put in a claim for 5 people being in the car, when in reality there was only 1! Finally, make sure you report the accident to your insurance company as soon as you can. We all hope this never happens to us, but if it does it is important to follow the right procedure and get the necessary details from any other involved parties. It will make any subsequent insurance claim proceed more smoothly.