Mileage Capture System Don't Drive Off Without It

Companies who rely on transportation for their day to day operations realize the importance of operating and managing their fleet appropriately. There are a great number of vital things to consider. Smooth and efficient running of the fleet is one. Keeping a record of any and all fleet maintenance records and tracking every vehicles performance on a timely basis is another. Even calculating how many miles are being driven daily, weekly or monthly by vehicles another important point to consider. Keeping tabs on important fleet management tasks like the ones mentioned above could be a very tedious, cumbersome and hectic task if it weren't for mileage capture systems. They are a highly intelligent, highly sophisticated tool and a must-have for companies who run medium to large scale fleets. Even small scale businesses can truly capitalize on this system and get a head start in saving money, all the while leaving their fleet ready to cope with expansion. With Phantoms Mileage Capture system, nothing is left to chance and every piece of data is exactly accurate. Below are some prominent features and benefits of the mileage capture system. 
Accurate Data Entry 
 Technicians from Phantom install these devices on all the vehicles of a fleet. Using the latest GPS technology, the system records initial and final destinations, date of travel and driver information. What's more is that the system also accurately timestamps all data. This data can be retrieved later and can be viewed in Excel format or online 
Virtually Eliminates Unauthorized Usage 
The whole idea of having a system like this in place to track vehicle mileage is to ensure every mile incurred on these vehicles is legitimate and not unauthorized. Mileage capture systems cut down in illegal or unauthorized use of the fleet. It keeps a record of all activities associated with a particular vehicle and outlines important data for the fleet manager such as when a vehicle was used, for how long, how many miles it did and who was driving it. Having a monitoring system like this ensures all personnel stay within the boundaries assigned to them and that all vehicles are utilized for the right purpose. 
Distinction Between Personal Use and Work Use 
Just because an activity is not related to work does not necessarily make it an unauthorized venture. Mileage capture systems have the flexibility to keep track of both personal and work use of the vehicle. This option is first selected by the driver before commencing driving. Alternatively, it can be entered manually afterwards, on a central computer that keeps track of all vehicle activity. 
Safe, Secure and Sound 
No technological innovation can ever be integrated into a corporate structure unless it guarantees the highest level of security and safety. For example, one benefit of mileage capture systems from Phantom is that they are extremely reliable and accurate. Additionally, the database machine in which all the fleet tracking data is stored is kept in a safe, remote location where no one can tinker with it. Keeping the database safe and secure from internet attacks is pivotal and the Phantom Mileage Capture System is a field-tested and extremely secure product. Fleet management doesn't get any more streamlined than this. Company executives and other businesses are seeing the long term, money saving benefits of such systems and hence, they are heavily investing in them. To have a mileage capture system installed on the vehicles and trucks in your fleet will all but guarantee improved performance, an increase in productivity, lower vehicle maintenance issues and increased revenues through immense savings.