Leaders of the Pack

If you like cars, you will be familiar with the names Formula One, NASCAR and Indianapolis 500; these race car events and championships are household names around the world not just for the thrill of the race, but for the skilled drivers and the incredible technology available to them.


On a basic level, these races consist of highly skilled drivers in specialist cars all aiming to be the leader of the pack and win a trophy at the other end. On a more complex and technological level, these drivers are still highly skilled, their vehicles are indeed specialist, but thats just the tip of the iceberg. The technology getting these cars around the track in (usually) one piece is also at the pinnacle of its industry.


Like in the fashion industry, the big trends and styles that filter down the high street level often start life on the catwalk as much more exaggerated designs and end up in our wardrobes as a much simplified version of itself. The same applies to the technology that is used in the automotive industry.


Race cars utilise next-level tracking technology like you have never seen before. Complex electronics and engine management systems are combined to control the vehicles every move except the driving, of course. Tracking tyre pressure, telemetry, liquid and hydraulic pressures, temperatures and placement on the track to strategise how they will get back to the pole position after that pit-stop, of course.


On top of this incredible tracking technology, power assisted steering, seat belts and more have started life in race cars and slowly been integrated and passed down into everyday cars that are driven by individuals and businesses alike.


Get ahead of your competition just like the professionals and invest in a Phantom Tracking system. Featuring GPS locators and route management in real time, fuel usage monitor, driver behaviour and generate expense reports using the latest technology on the market.


Your drivers might be living life in the fast lane, but your business will be thanks to the wonderful tracking technology available to you with our fleet tracking system. You can deliver a more efficient, safer and eco-friendly service than rivals without, and watch the happy customers come back every time.


If this sounds like something that would benefit your business, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team today. Be at the forefront of your industry with fleet tracking