Keyless Cars Targeted by innovative thieves

Recent news reports have been highlighting the rise in the number of cars stolen due to keyless car entry. Shocking statistics in the reports show theft has increased in England and wales by 9%. According to the latest data from Office of National Statistics (ONS), car theft rates in England and Wales rose by 56% last year. Some 89,000 vehicles were stolen in 2017, up from 56,000 the previous year, and the worst year on record since 2012. It is believed that the growing issue of keyless car theft is partly responsible for the increase in car thefts. Criminals are using two relatively cheap devices easily purchased online – a relay amplifier and a transmitter – to trick vehicles into thinking the legitimate entry fob is nearby.

One criminal stands by the car with the transmitter, while a second waves the amplifier near the house the car is parked outside. If the car’s fob is close enough, the amplifier will detect its signal – through doors, walls and windows – amplify it, and send it to the accomplice’s transmitter. The transmitter then effectively becomes the key, ‘tricking’ the car into thinking the real key is nearby. The thieves are able to open the car, push the start button and drive away.

AMI have developed units over the years to resonate with the relevant issues in Britain. As keyless car entry is becoming eye catching to thieves we developed a new feature to our VT system to try and fight this issue, Driver ID adds extra security to the starting of the engine. A fob is needed to start the car meaning if thieves get into the car the engine will not start without the fob belonging to the owner.

Our VT offers many more award winning features that could aid in the recovery of a vehicle if stolen. You get GPS positional information, Time & Date, Speed, Direction of Travel, and mileage covered plus a host of additional information, such as engine running hours, fuel usage, temperature monitoring, user identification and immobilisation. AMI Nexis displays each assets current running hours and updates the customer interface in real time. The servicing manager screen will also notify you when an asset is approaching a service giving you key viability & maintenance schedules to keep fully manage your assets ensuring full utilisation at all times.

Also our AT system holds market leading recovery rates as this system is battery operated means we can covertly install the unit making it basically invisible to thieves. All AMI Nexis solutions work on the AMI private cellular network which utilises the strongest mobile signal available, this includes inclusive EU roaming across all EU countries. AMI products are also quad band and will work worldwide (where a cellular network is available). AMI have industry leading advanced battery management which enables the AT range to outlast our competitors. The AT5 has a battery life lasts in excess of 6,000 positions (depending upon configuration). This enables the AT range to be suitable for long term protection of assets, especially in remote locations. The AT5 uses a wake sleep cycle meaning it is invisible to scanners used by thieves and keeps it completely covert.