Keeping An Organised Van Fleet

According to the latest numbers released by the Freight Transport Association (FTA), there are more than a million unroadworthy vans operating on the roads of the United Kingdom today. Van MOT failure rates are increasing every year, with as many as half of all the class seven vehicles failing the very first test. These are disturbing figures, and the government has acted on them. The Department of Transport is increasing funding to the Vehicle and Operator Service Agency (VOSA), to focus more resources on van operator enforcement. The goal will be to conduct roadside checks by the thousands every year, in order to clamp down on vans that are not roadworthy. Keeping a healthy van fleet is absolutely essential for a business. There are numerous benefits to the approach that are hard to argue with. In todays post, Phantom talk about these benefits in detail, in order to make the case for a more efficient fleet. 
Deliveries On Time 
Roadworthy vehicles get the job done more reliably than their less roadworthy counterparts. A fleet that is constantly monitored for mechanical issues will remain running in optimum condition and adhere to strict delivery time guidelines. The transportation business is all about timely delivery; the merchandise they carry essentially moves through several schedules and stops before finally reaching the hands of consumers. Any delay, at any point in this transaction, will start off a chain reaction down the line and affect other processes as well. 
Cheaper Insurance Premiums
Since the vehicles are maintained to a good condition, and all their levels are kept in check, the insurance premiums will be much lower compared to unroadworthy vehicles. This might not be a big amount for one vehicle, but factor in the entire fleet of vans, trucks, and trailers, and they add up to a substantial yearly amount. So not only do you get full coverage, but you get it at affordable rates because the insurance companies are satisfied. 
Fewer Incidents of Major Repair
A carefully monitored fleet is a fleet that rarely breaks down. One of the main reasons for a costly repair is often negligence. No mechanical instrument, be it cars, trucks or vans, breaks down without warning. There are signs; many signs that demand attention and proper maintenance. The fleet engineers need to listen to these signs and visually see them in order to maintain a 100% ready fleet. In the event a van does go in for repair, a spare vehicle should be on hand, so as not to affect the day to day operations. 
Higher Resale Value 
 How you drive the van and how you maintain it determines how badly it wears down. An organised fleet, with fewer question marks in terms of safety and maintenance, helps retain its resale value. The time and effort you put into maintaining your fleet and keeping it organised and optimised pays off when the time comes for you to upgrade or sell part of it to get bigger and better vehicles. An organised fleet pays for itself. It saves companies money and increases employee and vehicle productivity. One can never go wrong with maintaining an optimal fleet, be it through careful planning or with a Phantom specialist fleet tracking systems.