Invest in Vehicle Tracking and Improve Your Insurance

Invest in Vehicle Tracking and Improve your Insurance

Securing your vehicle is a necessity for any owner not only will fitting a tracking system protect your car against theft, it can also bring down the cost of your insurance.

Hand on heart; do you know all of the details of your insurance policy without having to peruse your contract? If the answer is no, then you are not alone. You might be paying a premium price that, if you took the correct measures, you could save money on in the long run.

This is the main reason behind Insurance Awareness Day on 28th June, which encourages everyone to take the time to look through their insurance details and, more importantly, take out a policy if they are not already subscribed to one.

Why Car Insurance is a Legal Requirement

In the UK, you must have motor insurance to drive on the road third party insurance is the minimum to meet the legal requirement. All drivers must be covered in the event of an accident in case of injury to themselves or passengers, or any damage caused to property.

If you are found to be driving in the UK without insurance, you can face a fixed penalty of 100, your vehicle being clamped or taken away, or a court prosecution with a maximum fine of 1,000.

How Vehicle Tracking Helps with Insurance

The cost of car insurance can be high, especially for new drivers who are seen as a higher liability by insurers. This is because they have no driving history to back them up and, statistically, new drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident, according to figures released by the RAC.


By installing a vehicle tracking device in the car, the drivers performance is monitored; everything from driving time, distance, speed, fuel consumption and where they travel to and from. With good performance, the owner will notice the price of their insurance drop year-on-year many insurance brokers encourage young drivers to invest in such a system.


Protecting Against Theft

Not only does a vehicle tracking system monitor the drivers performance, but it also protects the car against the risk of theft. As part of Phantoms tracking system, the owner is notified as soon as anyone attempts to unlock the car and start the ignition.


In the event that the vehicle has been stolen, the owner can remain updated on its location via GPS tracking and has the ability to immobilise the car, which increases the chances of recovery.


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