Increase power and save fuel with an Engine Remap

Did you know that vehicle manufacturers actually use the same engine to produce a variety of different power outputs? They then remap the engines ECU to change power and performance. The ECU or Engine Control Unit is effectively a computer that controls fuel, ignition timing, idle speed, valve timing as well as other parameters that affect the performance of the engine. It does this by reading values from sensor devices that monitor the engine and its performance and then compares these readings to performance maps preset by the manufacturer. So by effectively reprogramming the software that controls the ECU you can change the characteristics of your car or motor homes engine to cut costs, reduce CO2 emissions and lengthen the life of your vehicle. Increase power and save fuel Typically, your vehicles engine is not working to its full potential and so remapping makes good sense. Remapping enhances and optimises the engines parameters within safe limits, giving an increase in performance and efficiency based on typical driving conditions in the UK and Western Europe. With it you can expect a power increase of between 15-30% and fuel savings of up to 10%. All of which provides a very compelling return on your initial investment. One of the things many people ask is whether remapping invalidates your insurance. Well, here at Phantom we have carried out many remappings and have also spoken to a number of insurers to understand their view on it. Generally they are happy with remapping. They view it as an enhancement to the vehicle rather than trying to change its character and so foresee no issues with the operation. To find out more about Phantom remapping services, contact us today.