The Importance Of Fleet Tracking

The prospect of successfully being able to manage a fleet of vehicles can be an intimidating thing to come to terms with. It is especially daunting if you have not had any previous experience dealing with HGVs in the past. Should you find yourself in such a situation then consider investing in a fleet tracking system which will help you reduce fuel and labour costs, keep efficiency at a satisfactory level and above all, keep workers content and productive.  
A tracking system allows you to keep constant track of all of your vehicles from the comfort of your own office. By collecting and recording your fleets travel data remotely you are able to deal with more pressing matters like any stacks of overdue paperwork and the day to day running of the business. In addition to being able to monitor your vehicles without the hassle of broken communication you can identify patterns in trade, deliveries and labour distribution. 
 Fleet tracking systems enable the user to retrieve all necessary information about the fleets movements through two solutions; specialised software that uses AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) technology or digital data communicated via the internet. Here are just a few of the beneficial features that come from using a fleet tracking system: 1. With a tracking system you will be able to effectively monitor the location of any vehicle in your fleet at any given time, day or night. This particular feature proves beneficial should you suspect an unnecessary decline in productivity from individuals or a group of workers. 
The feature also allows you to give feedback to the company awaiting delivery, providing them with an accurate time scale of how long their delivery is going to be and ensuring that they will be prepared to unload at the other end. By communicating with your customers and informing them of an accurate delivery time you give your drivers the opportunity to get their drops done efficiently so they can get back on the road more quickly. Additionally, by monitoring fleet movement you can ensure your drivers have ample time and opportunity to make more stops within their weekly hour limit whilst significantly improving the current customer service rating. 2. Not only can you keep track of the location of your vehicles, you can also monitor the average speed your vehicles are doing. This part of fleet tracking is highly expedient as it will enable you to calculate and cut back on fuel costs. Your drivers will be fully aware that they are being monitored and this will encourage them to drive sensibly and cut down on fuel consumption as well as help to eliminate unauthorised trips and stops. 
As well as all of this, the prospect of being monitored will help to improve drivers safety and awareness on the road. Increased awareness will in turn help to eradicate dangerous or careless driving, therefore reducing the potential for accidents. On the topic of costly expenses, fleet tracking enables you to ultimately reduce all costs that come with HGV delivery. You, as the owner, will be able to do things like reduce the number of false time sheet claims therefore overcoming the dilemma of drivers working overtime and improving driving behaviour overall. 
You will be working towards saving money that would previously have been spent on communication with the drivers. Time and cost friendly fleet monitoring means there will be no need to get in touch with each and every driver to uncover their current location, eta and so on. This benefit will also positively impact on the level of drivers honesty and reliability. If you would like to find out more about how a fleet tracking system can benefit your business or if you would like to enquire about installing a tracking system, get in touch with a specialist here at Phantom today.