Immobilisation In Construction And Plant Security

Moving Intelligence's construction tracking solutions come in various shapes and sizes, suitable for various applications. 


If you seek complete remote control over your plant machinery, consider our immobilisation solution. Utilising state-of-the-art technology, you can monitor each vehicle individually and schedule its usage, allowing you to quickly identify unauthorised use (shutting down the machinery) and manage the utilisation of all your machinery to optimise performance.


Our solution enables you to set boundaries for usage time, preventing overuse and unauthorised usage. Whether you have an entire fleet or just one piece of valuable equipment it will give you full visibility - providing insights into usage patterns, overuse, and determining when maintenance is required via the easy mitigatable  platform and App.


Unsecured machinery on-site can lead to costly downtime and significant safety hazards, impacting insurance premiums and lease costs. To address this, Moving Intelligence's solution includes a waterproof keypad immobiliser and individual driver logins, allowing you to monitor work time and vehicle usage while preventing unauthorised access. This comprehensive control enhances security and operational efficiency giving you one of the, if not the best, all round tracking solution for plant machinery.


What is a Waterproof Keypad Immobiliser for Plant Vehicles?

A waterproof keypad immobiliser is a security device designed to prevent unauthorised use of plant vehicles. It features a rugged, water-resistant keypad that drivers use to enter a unique code to start the vehicle. This solution ensures that only authorised and trained personnel can operate the machinery, providing an added layer of protection against theft and misuse. The waterproof design ensures reliable operation in harsh construction site environments.


Benefits of Tracking:

  1. Remote Immobilisation: GPS tracking adds a layer of security, deterring potential thieves. Knowing that equipment is monitored discourages criminal activity.
  2. Alerts & Notifications: Real-time alerts and notifications enable prompt responses to unauthorized movement or theft.
  3. Geofencing: Set up virtual boundaries around construction sites. Alerts are triggered if equipment moves beyond these areas, notifying personnel of potential theft.
  4. Asset Recovery: GPS tracking improves the chances of recovering stolen equipment. Law enforcement can use real-time location data to locate and retrieve machinery swiftly.
  5. Real-Time Monitoring: Track your equipment 24/7. This continuous monitoring allows for immediate action in case of unauthorised movement or theft.

Tracker-Immobiliser Systems:

Our tracker-immobiliser solution represents the pinnacle of vehicle security technology. They consist of a GPS tracker and a remote immobiliser. The GPS tracker allows you to pinpoint your vehicle's location in real-time, aiding recovery efforts. The remote immobiliser lets you disable the vehicle's engine remotely, preventing theft.

Discover how our platform provides the visibility you need to optimise operations and upgrade your security.

Case Study:

After a break-in, a customer reviewed security footage and saw thieves deterred by the keypad immobilisers on a Hitachi ZX26U and a Kubota U17. The thieves approached the machines but quickly left upon seeing the keypad system. If stolen, the loss would have exceeded £50,000.

Secure your people and equipment today with remote, scheduled, and keypad immobilisation solutions from Moving Intelligence UK!