Huge loss in the construction industry due to increase in theft

It estimates that the UK construction industry is now losing over £800 million a year in stolen equipment. The average cost of a stolen machine is anywhere between £15,000 and £20,000 which would prove to be a huge loss to any business when unexpected. We here at AMI noticed Farm vehicle theft is big business for the organised gangs who are stealing expensive vehicles and farm equipment and either cloning it for sale here or shipping it across the world, from the increase in equipment being found around ports ready for shipping. Our systems protect over £245 million worth of customer assets utilising our different tailored solutions. Nobody wants their expensive equipment stolen, damaged and used for crime.

With AMI solutions you can keep track of your assets 24/7 via the Nexis app, with our many award-winning features and 100% recovery rate when units are covertly installed on plant machinery such as excavators, generators and compressors to provide after theft recovery. Developed using advanced GPS, GSM, RF and battery-powered technology, customers then have access to Nexis our portal which allows you to establish the destination of your equipment also you can use the system as a complete asset management tool to help reduce things like fuel costs, reduce carbon footprint, enhance productivity and they can even remotely immobilise equipment from their mobile phone! AMI pride ourselves on how we tailor to a huge range of different businesses, with access to your assets on the go. More companies have recently benefitted from utilising our advanced tracking systems and understand the importance of covertly installed units to help ascertain a 100% recovery rate within their company.